Chaos. That is the word that comes to our mind when we look at the condition of the world. The proliferation of crime in today’s world astonishes many a people but is it really a reason for us to be astonished? Haven’t we witnessed year after year a dark side of humanity that we never knew existed before? From the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki to the riots in United Kingdom, one of the most developed countries of our time, mankind can testify to such ignorant deeds occurring on almost a monthly or even daily basis. However, it is a bitter irony that the only the “significant” people matter and not the common ones. This fact really unsettled me when I came across a joke that goes like:

US Army Head in Afghanistanreporting to a media channel, while in the presence of his deputy:

Army Head: I am afraid to report that there has been another attack leading to casualties.

Media: What casualties?

Army Head: Several buildings have been damaged, cars were destroyed, 200 Afghans dead along with one US soldier.

Media: Really, only one US soldier? *in awe*

Army Head to his deputy in an undertone: See, no one bothers about the 200 Afghans….


Naturally, the focal point of this news turns out to be the one dead soldier and not the two hundred locals that met their fate. Our daily lives are full of such atrocious acts that go unnoticed as we grow accustomed to the Dr. Hyde side of humanity. Examples of such deeds, acts that matter little to us but affects someone deeply, are scattered over in tight little corners in the papers but never catch the common eye and I will enlighten the viewers briefly about such happenings across the globe.


Starting off, we have the more talked about Egyptian revolution which led to the trial of Hosni Mubarak, the Egyptian President. The mass civil disobedience and strikes started in late January have resulted in the resignation and prosecution of the Egyptian president.


Another Muslim country faces unrest as Syrian president sends tanks into cities as security forces opened fire on demonstrators. The military action taken by President Assad has left 1700 people dead and over 10000 are told to be missing in custody. It seems as if deploying tanks and armed vehicles is a popular choice among presidents…


Meanwhile,Somaliasuffers from a disastrous famine that threatens over 3.7 million people. It is considered the worst drought in nearly a century and high prices have crushed poor people leading to violence. Prices inSomaliahave risen considerably and it is not the only country on the brink of disaster when it comes to food insecurity. Countries like Pakistan, where two thirds of the people spend almost 70% on food, Tanzania, where half the population is in poverty and even most of Russia where the average food basket went up by as much as 30% this year, are also suffering a food crisis.


An isolated tribe inBrazilseems to have vanished from the face of earth. The tribe only discovered three years ago to the world seems to have been lost again. It is said that Peruvians drug dealers overran the land and could have wiped out the entire tribe or worse it could be a case of human trafficking.


These are some little occurrences that seem to be happening at the same time in this world which has nothing to talk about except theUSdebt issues and the British riots.


Author’s note: I handpicked examples which might many of the readers may already know about. This is no attempt to undermine anyone’s awareness but a meagre attempt to spread awareness amongst many of us.


Author’s Disclaimer: I know I perhaps have missed out on a variety of different sorts of people but then again, not everyone’s lifestyle can be highlighted. These are examples as I perceive taken from around the globe and reflect characteristics of students both at home and abroad. I just wanted to reflect upon some of the categories of people that stand out, for
“An unreflected life is a life unlived”— Socrates

The Lone Survivor

1. The Lone Survivors

So starting off, I will talk about some people who believe that man can be an island and will keep to themselves at all occasions. They will lock themselves up inside their 10 square feet apartment and never see the day-light again. What they want is easy access to the classes and food. Long and forgotten is the phrase “man is a social animal” for the only social gathering they will participate in has to have one rule. It should not require them moving from their rooms. Yes, sloth is one of the greatest evil tugging at the students these days.

The Adventurer

2. The Lone Adventurers

Following this is a complete contrasting case about people who would never stay in their rooms because solitude seems to be their greatest adversary. They’ll seek out every ridiculous short-cut in the university or seek companionship wherever they can find it or simply catch the next bus to God-knows-where just because the students are exempted from the bus fare.

The Party Boys (and girls =P)

3. The Party Boys

Some people also stumble upon a part of their personality that they had never encountered maybe just because of the cultural values of a closely knit environment. From shy, not-so-confident people they become the town’s Casanovas or just being simple the popular guys. They just seem to have found a new way to live their lives, enjoy it in a way that they always wanted to. Late night movies to rocking the dance floor to being the ladies’ men, these people have it in them to light up the atmosphere no matter what the situation is. Once reluctant to approach a girl now they seem to have the confidence that could get them anywhere they wanted.

The Touchy Nerd

4. The Touchy Bookworms

Yeah, some people DO  live for it – books, and those too, the ones with minuscule complex text. Not that their life has no other objective but they have their priorities straightened and yeah, ‘first work and then play’ (or maybe no play at all) is the way they roll. Finishing up assignments, copying off notes and staying ahead of the class is what they are excellent at. A slight fall in the grade, a mere slip from a 90 to 89 or a course that tangles them up is something intolerable and from a nervous breakdown to a rudimentary fit anything can happen. Beware though; you don’t want to be around when this happens.

5. The Wake-Me-Nots

A wake-me-not

There are those people who are closer to normal too. Hanging out with friends, clubbing, studying, chilling and enjoying the cool university life is something they are amazingly adept at. But, yes there always has to be a but! Duh! So yeah, but this kinda people have one flaw too. Slumber. A cosy couch or a borrowed mattress, sleep comes to them like a bee is drawn to honey. They’ll sometime go without sleep for a couple of days and when they sleep it is like they never existed. 10 hours of sleep or 20, it is the same for them. A tranquil spot and a thing to roll up in is all what they need to enjoy this fine boon of nature. They know their flaw too, sometimes they’ll wake up to find that it is already way past sunset or that they missed all their classes. But, sleep comes first. They’ll walk to a friend’s room to sleep just so that this friend will wake them up in time for something important tomorrow otherwise guess what, come rain or hellfire, their sleep is going to be unperturbed!

6. Slapstick Goofy Guys who are forever looking to take the easy way out

“Bhai, yeh to kar de yaar”, how many times have you heard this line? I am sure you have encountered these people before? Yup, always looking for a shortcut or a solution that requires the least hassle. They innovate to find new ways of finishing up work. Always trying to find a way to get through is what they want. This category can be sub-divided into two sorts, one that always want a shortcut and the other that are going to end up doing the work but are going to create one hell of a racket just for the fun of it . They are going to make contacts everywhere, from upper year students to course TA’s, they know everyone can be of use . “Paper leak karna hai yaar” to “let’s bribe the photocopier” to “TA ko hi na phansa le yaar, dikhne mai buri to nahi”, they’ll think of every possible and impossible way just to amuse people. Fun to be around but sometimes very annoying, there is bound to be one of these people in every group who are in the university just to get through the courses with the least effort required.

The Camera Addict

7. The Snap-Snap People

“She shot without thinking and realizing that she had missed continued to shoot until she finally found her target.” No, not shoot shoot guys. I mean snap snap! Everywhere there is one of those people who are obsessed with photos. Be it a formal event or a casual dinner, there isn’t a place where they would not take the camera along. Their sole purpose of life is to capture what they see each day and they do it without any reluctance. A mere 5000 pictures on facebook and still they think it isn’t enough. Catching their friends unawares or just taking a picture of a field of snow, they’ll take what they get and keep taking it for they won’t stop until the battery dies.

The Ever-Hungry

8. The Ever-Hungry

Sleep, studies, sloth and what not. I forgot one of the most important things in a student’s life! FOOD! There has to be one person who would not care anything about this new place; not the horrible weather, not the rigorous coursework, not the mundane atmosphere as long as he gets what he wants and that is good food. (Pakistanis after all, we know how to appreciate food) They’ll scout out places to eat. A long walk to a friends’ place might prove to be too arduous but the same walk for a tasty biryani seems to be no problem. If the food is good then ALL IZ WELL for them.

9. The Lost Ducks

Some people carry with them a roll of string like they are walking into Daedalus’ Labyrinth! They’ll hesitate to wander out on their own because no matter how many times they have taken the same route they will get lost for they are lousy at directions. They are so bad at directions that they could even get lost on their own floor, oh well, now I am exaggerating . But yes, it so happens that if they end up just on the opposite side of the road, they’ll get scared just because everything looks different from this side of the road. Afraid to venture out, such people will stick to the path always trampled for they could get lost like a needle in a haystack.

Money’s best friend

10. The Money-Lovers

There are some people who are Sheikhs, count every single penny they spend and will ask for a cent back when the thing they bought was $0.99. And then they are those who spend as they see, if they like it they have it. No matter what the price is, their living lifestyle is not to be affected. They’ll venture out just with a credit card and won’t stop until their credit card finally declines, that is when they’ll check their bank statement to find it is not even in 3 figures anymore. Oh well, time to bug your daddy to send you some money to make it through the term or better yet, you could get a waiter’s job at the nearest desi restaurant! To them, everything tastes like honey when they got money!

The world is engaged in a continuous battle today to advance in technology, a thing if deprived of mankind would sink into the same Stone Age from which it once evolved. However, where the progress has been remarkably swift it has led to many intricate problems. How does this technology affect us? How does it make our lives better, that is, if it does at all, one wonders if its advantages really do overcome its flaws.

The proliferation of internet technologies has both advantages and disadvantages. The capabilities for information retrieval and communication are infinite but children can be exposed to illicit material, individual privacy is threatened and it is a virtual medium rather than a physical one. Where its uses can be as diverse and beneficial as the person who uses it, its delinquencies also extend to the user’s creativity. If one of use can create an online bank account then it remains just for another more accomplished user to break into it. As it goes, nothing comes without a catch and this so called technology too has strings attached to it.

Internet may have been the cause for a lot of crimes these days, but there are ways of preventing them. Antivirus software such as McAfee, Norton and AVG are easily available in the market and off the internet. However, one does not have the luxury to surf the net with that feeling of total security that the user is completely safe from any cyber-attack.

The examples are numerous when it comes to cybercrimes and hacking is done almost on a daily basis. While some regard it as a serious offense, sometimes it is coined the term “heroic by the general public such as the FreeMe program (2001) which allowed Windows Media users to strip digital-rights-management security from music and video files.

The chances of internet crimes such as ID theft and child pornography are reduced by online monitoring agencies such as the National Hi-Tech Crime Unit (NHTCU) in UK and America Online (AOL) in the United States. Where such agencies exist to protect the general public, we are also dependent upon them, a thing not many people like to be.

A new type of cyber crime, “Phishing” has become very common over the past few years. Bank customers are receiving emails which are apparently from their banks but are actually a fraud. These emails have website links which, when opened, require people to reveal personal information and bank account details. This information is then used for illegal purposes. But now, these activities are also being monitored and the NHTCU on May 5th, 2004 arrested 6 men and 6 women involved in “phishing” in Russia. Even with this surveillance, such scams continue to operate at a large scale.

The evolution in internet technology has contributed a lot to national security. Online surveillance agencies such as the National Security Agency in America decipher encrypted emails and scan them for messages which may be scam or related to terrorist activities. What makes it easy to defend a nation also makes it easier to destroy another. A hack into the defense system or the nuclear department could easily lead to a nuclear war. One is scared to think that all it needs is just a computer to access such codes.

Surveillance in the major cities of the world has become easier due to the advancement in technology. If you live inNew York, you will be photographed at least 20 times every day and if you walk throughManhattan, you will be followed by 2 security cameras and about 5 rooftop and window snipers.

Advanced home security systems have also lowered the crime rate. Home alarm systems use infrared radiation to detect the heat radiated by a person. The alarm goes of if a person crosses a detector’s path and another alarm is sounded in the police station. The police are thus able to reach the crime scene in time to make an arrest.

Along with its many advantages, technology has brought about a lot of cyber crimes which have badly affected people all around the world.

Cyber crimes have become a big problem for multinational companies. 83% ofUKbusinesses have reported internet crimes such as viruses, hacking, phishing, ID theft and theft of company data. Credit card theft has also become a major problem for credit card users these days.

Cybercrime on the rise!

Virus attacks are the most common cyber crimes for home users. In December 2002, a 22 year old hacker, Simon Vallor, admitted affecting 27,000 PCs across the globe with viruses such as “Goker”, “Admirer” and “Redesi”. These bugs gave him control over other people’s PCs and access to their personal information and email contacts.

As internet technology is advancing, many people have started buying stuff off the internet form websites such as and People have taken advantage of this innovation by selling items that do not even exist. In October 2007, a 17 year old fromSouth Wales appeared in court after offering ₤45,000 worth non-existing goods for sale on “eBay”.

Halifaxis the main target for email scam. The highest percentage of phishing has been reported inHalifaxwhere bank customers are receiving emails asking them to reveal personal and bank security information. These emails are actually scam and the customers end up losing a fortune. This crime has hit retail banks including “Barclays”, “Lloyds” and “Natwest” inUSA,Australia,New ZealandandEurope.

The second stage of this crime is of acting as bank agents and asking random people to transfer money. 2000 online bank account holders inUKwere targeted by this scam and they ended up losing a total of ₤4.5 million.

Mobile phones have become a necessity these days. Everyone has one. This has increased the percentage of street crimes, mainly mobile phone snatching. InKarachi,Pakistan, every third mobile phone owner has had his phone stolen at gun point.

As technology is progressing, the quality of weapons and ammunition is improving and more lethal and disastrous weapons are invented. These weapons, if used for rioting or in civil wars, can wipe out generations of people.

Where using cameras for security like close circuit television (CCTV) is very efficient it also leads to a risk of privacy invasion. The extent to the devastation and havoc that technology can do is only limited to the human mind and in the wrong hands, one fears what would happen.

Today’s society is in technological boom. It has indeed become a necessity. Our lives are dependent on it and if deprived of, we would be once again, the savage barbarians that lived in the caves. Man continues to explore and innovate and where it reaps benefits of its creativity and curiosity it also invents more ailments that the human race could suffer from. All I can think of are the words written by J.K. Rowling in her bestseller Harry Potter, “Curiosity is not a sin but once must be cautious.”

This article would not have been possible without Wajeeh Uz Zaman Adhami, the inspiration and source behind this idea.

The world as we see today is a very sad place indeed: The Middle East burns with the blood of a few misguided fundamentalists who consume up lives of innocent people as they envisage performing a noble deed ordered by a divine power; Japan is struck by a series of jolts that leave the whole country on a verge of economic collapse; Europe sees themselves engulfed in chaos as heavy snowstorms make it impossible for any air travel to take place; Civilians take up arms to break free from Gadhafi’s regime in Libya; poverty and famine leaves hundreds dead in the deserts of Africa and still an economic crisis prevails in North America that leaves thousands of people unemployed without any source of incomes.    
But none of it is our concern, for we sit in the luxury of our homes where we keep turning the thermostat up of the air conditioner so that we can chat comfortably in a forty degrees Celsius weather. A delicious four course meal awaits us at lunch hour and we satisfy our hunger without having to go out of the cool air conditioned room. Except that a power cut leaves us cursing out, for the cool atmosphere diminishes slowly leaving us sweating. We still have a roof on top of our head; food in the larder; clean water in our taps; clothes in our wardrobes and yet out tongues vehemently abuse the government for they just took away from us the elixir of life. Granted, electricity is a basic need and its shortfall will always be a huge issue, the point on which to focus is that man has been born to be ungrateful. We shall always complain about what is missing in our lives, what more we want out of life and what more we can gain in life. No one considers the amenities that have been provided to them, they are taken for granted as man naturally screams for what eludes it.
Money is said to be the root of all evil but what derives the need for money; it is the dissatisfaction with what a person currently has. No one seems to be happy with how they are. There always is a struggle to achieve something. The world moves rapidly as if in a hurry to get somewhere and when they do finally get to their destination, their destination changes to keep them going once more. Man desires never end hence never does man sit and ponders over what he has achieved. There is always a pursuit of happiness that deprives man of bliss itself. The urge to achieve something must not be suppressed indeed yet one should never forget what he already has achieved, what he has gained in life and that he has something that he treasures in all conditions. If man gets content with what he has, he will find happiness in all conditions. Even in the worst of situations, a person who sees a glimpse of hope can find something to be cheery about.
Socrates said “He is rich who is content with the least; for contentment is the wealth of nature”, an example that contentment does indeed lead to happiness. One who is content with whatever he has will lead a happier life than many people who fall to the vices of greed and envy. Gandhi simplifies how contentment leads to happiness in a simple phrase, “Man falls from the pursuit of the ideal of plan living and high thinking the moment he wants to multiply his daily wants. Man’s happiness really lies in contentment.”
Humans desire are endless so are human troubles. But if we choose to be content with what we have regardless of how little man can find happiness in every state. A person who is jobless in North America can still be content that he has at a source of shelter and food as considered to the wandering famine struck people of Africa who strive everyday looking for a source of clean water. If man pauses to consider, he can find so many examples of people who are in far worse circumstances however we choose to look at people who have far more things than us and are never content with what we have, rejecting God’s every boon to us. Happiness is what life is all about, what drives us in doing everything that we do and it is not so difficult to attain it if we try to be content with what we have for contentment does indeed lead to happiness.

Read and Heed

Aitchison College

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In memory of my High school and the place where I spent more than half of my life.

Their walk reflects their pride

As they puff their blue collared hides

Their vanity unmistaken, their sky levelling self esteem

The experience of being an Aitchisonian is nothing less than a dream

Yes, you are right. If you are from Lahore, it is not hard to mistake those characteristics found in a student and be unable to tell to which school he belongs. Blue collared blazers( If you do not like blue, there is always red or yellow or if you think simplicity is elegance, there is a normal one too) reflect their pride it seems and you wouldn’t find another student treasuring anything as much as they love this  piece of garment. Even though the blazers are only meant for the winter term, you can always spot the occasional guy wearing it; we are honoured of what we are and we don’t endeavour to hide it even if the skies are raining or the sun is spitting fire. A girl asked a friend of mine at an event at LUMS if she could just hold the blazer, my friend cordially obliged and the girl was overwhelmed at being granted the wish and waved it to her friends who had given her this dare; the point being, we may have an air of arrogance around us and treasure our blazers but not to the extent of insanity, we are still humans, even though our hubris maybe our fatal flaw.


Denoted by air of arrogance, which Lahoris call “akar” and Karachi-ites “bharam” (yes, I have been influenced by Karachi-ites!), their sense of attire (which never changes) and an aura that appeals to girls (Not a personal opinion this, readers. I ran a questionnaire!) Aitchisonians are sometimes envied, sometimes hated and detested but I believe mostly revered and sometimes people even complain and I quote here “why do Aitchisonians get all the girls?!” a fact that that is commonly acknowledged.  From even a former president (Faruq Ahmad Khan Leghari) to film actors like Shaan to renowned cricketers like Imran Khan and Ramiz Raja, Aitchison has produced them all. Not for naught is their vanity and neither is their egotism in vain. Ali Noor gave a concert at our amphitheatre and was deeply honoured at the chance of performing there as it had been a deep desire to have a chance to sing at this venue.


Always walking in clusters and in love with themselves at least that was what the guy said at YLES 09 and believe me if stares could kill, he would not have survived. Aitchisonians are a fascinating lot. Arrogant about their legacy, their pride is perfectly justified as they belong to a college (not many schools can say that) which dates back to the era of the British and reflects a certain charisma rarely found nowadays. Residing in the heart of Lahore, this 200 acre college has a world of its own and if you have not been in the college before, I recommend reading the map at the entrance; getting lost in this place takes no big effort! In fact, I got lost the first day I entered this school but that was probably due to the reason I was only 6 at that time! : P

It is a long journey from grade two to A levels second year and not all of us make it through but once an Aitchisonian always remains an Aitchisonian. From entering the junior school as just tiny innocent children and turning into mischievous adolescents to mature gentlemen it is a long journey indeed but not at all an uneventful for it is an experience that moulds our character into something that gives meaning and direction to our life. More importantly, it gives us life-lasting friendships, companions that re-define the word friendship for you and something that really makes you acknowledge the virtues of brotherhood. For in essence, we are more like brothers than friends. Who we do not like, we make every effort to convey our intentions. Like a certain “foreigner” came to teach us and tried to change the way our things have been run but it did not take him long to figure out that a thing which time has not changed, a foreigner could never, although it did take some convincing on our part to make him understand that, which does include throwing a garbage bucket on him from the second floor. We aren’t that different from other “students”, we still have names for our teachers like “chamkeela” and “cobra” which isn’t unusual for high lads at all.

Singing the national anthem each day together at mornings, yes folks none of us are exempted from the morning assemblies, to the school song on events we do it with enthusiasm and vigour seldom seen nowadays.

I somewhere read that friends are the lights that make the path brighter in the journey and it is quite true. Being from different castes, backgrounds, cities and even in some cases religions we are bound together under one emblem which basically becomes the motto of our life; “perseverance commands success”, the key to a successful life bound in just three words. The college just doesn’t stimulate knowledge and etiquettes; it binds together students from different parts and cultures of our society. The boarders are from all the four corners of Pakistan and I take pride in having such great friends and feel excited at the prospect of getting a chance to learn about their culture and different tribes.

It is not uncommon to find a rift amongst us as is found even in the most merriest of folks but the disagreements do not cross the walls of our campus. Even though to a junior a group of us might be a broken shard of a gigantic mirror but to an outsider we show a flawless reflection, for when it comes to being an Aitchisonian, all difference are forgotten and those minute disagreements vanish. We might be divided by intricate issues internally and be divided but when it comes to standing under the banner, our loyalty elapse every infinitesimal disparity. Just a cry of “phadda” is enough to raise an army of students and given ample time students can even come up with assorted equipment too ranging from a hockey stick to a skipping rope depending on whatever is available in the school’s vast sports inventory! We do not need an acquaintance with the person to defend him, for that crest alone on our blazers is enough to serve that purpose besides the fact that we are always said to be on the hunt of any such events. If you feel a fight approaching, a couple of texts and the whole Lahore is roused in an instant as if it is a battle of who has the higher contacts! A fight is always an appealing event, for the proverb the more the merrier applies perfectly here. Everyone gets a chance to throw a punch or a kick at the weaker side and no one ever knows who was involved. Our lips are sealed and astonishingly there are never any eye witnesses!

We have preserved rituals and traditions like wearing turbans and roadsters (horse buggy) when it has eroded from the minds of our peers, our perhaps the biggest flaw and at the same time the proudest feat are our glorious history and achievements. For a reason, it was called the chief’s college in the old days and it still continues to excel upon the same guidelines as it always has. Our visits to other chief’s colleges (all of which are across the border) are always a chance to be the perfect ambassadors of our nation, as I myself have seen the awe-struck faces of our rivals as they see us marching in our blazers wearing our turbans for it is still recognized as a symbol of dignity. My sports tour to Shimla in the fall of 2009 was full of instances when people wanted to have a picture with us and insisted that we wear the turbans in the pictures.

To hear about it is injustice to any experience and this case is no exception. For in life we encounter different significant challenges and trivial problems but when you have friends like the ones I made back at Aitchison, everything seems just fine for there is a soothing feeling deep down that somehow knows that our destination is something beautiful because the leading to it is decorated with deep friendships. The walks along those streets and the buildings that we grow strangely fond of leave a mark greater than we anticipate on our lives. It indeed is true, we do not realize what we had until it is too late for nothing is real till its gone.

Writing is an interest that sparked early in me. Everyone can write and everyone can read but the real test comes when you can write in a manner that generates interest in the reader’s mind and also conveys your thoughts across. Similarly, the important part of reading any work is trying to understand what the writer had in mind when he was writing that particular piece. Master this universal code and you can understand every written piece in the history of mankind. Writing helps to develop not only your creative skills but also helps to nurture your expression in a manner that appeals to all. I believe, writing is a very good way of recording things, expressing thoughts, voicing feelings amongst various other things.


I took the role of writing for a larger audience when I came to Waterloo. It gave me something to write about for I could tell my experiences to others and instill an excitement into them about how adjusting to a new place could be scary yet fun at the same time. Also, a pen proves to be a friend when there are none at your side.


The Pen is mightier than the Sword




How I started to write?


There is no prouder a moment when you can see your work published and your name beneath it. People may criticise what you have written or disagree with your point of view but to see something you have written visible to the whole world, it is a feeling unexplainable. My first month in a University, one of my friends started an online magazine and was asking for acquaintances to contribute to it so as to get a larger fan base. I started submitting my articles, writing whenever I was idle as it gave me something to do and also helped me get a better grasp of English. My articles were appreciated by the small group of readers which gave me confidence to keep writing. I have since then been an avid contributor to the online magazine and also, on request, have started writing for my friend’s website. Sadly, the online magazine has ceased to exist, however, I shall continue to let the writer in me, out at times.

Stay tuned.



Ideas Evolved


My Works


  1. K for Kanayda
  2. Frozen
  3. The Mother of All Matches
  4. Contentment Leads to Happiness
  5. 10 kinds of students
  6. Forgetting to give back

Make a Positive Change

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The world’s population in 2011 is estimated to be around 6.93 billion people. Yet, no one will remember the names or the deeds of 99% of the world’s population. Are you going to be one of those people too? Reflect upon your life, contribute to mankind in even a little way if possible. Reflect and improve. For“An unreflected

Only With Reflection Can We Understand Life

life is a live unlived”—Socrates 

How can one contribute?

A person can contribute in any way possible and in any little quantity possible. One must look out and take every opportunity that comes his way. It is better to do something than waste your time doing nothing. One can contribute in a number of ways :

  1. Acquiring knowledge
  2. Using that knowledge to help people
  3. Spread knowledge
  4. Help others
  5. etc.

The ways in which one can benefit mankind is limited only to his imagination. For when you depart from this world, it remembers not who you were but rather than what you did.