The Pen is mightier than the Sword

Posted: July 21, 2011 in Uncategorized

Writing is an interest that sparked early in me. Everyone can write and everyone can read but the real test comes when you can write in a manner that generates interest in the reader’s mind and also conveys your thoughts across. Similarly, the important part of reading any work is trying to understand what the writer had in mind when he was writing that particular piece. Master this universal code and you can understand every written piece in the history of mankind. Writing helps to develop not only your creative skills but also helps to nurture your expression in a manner that appeals to all. I believe, writing is a very good way of recording things, expressing thoughts, voicing feelings amongst various other things.


I took the role of writing for a larger audience when I came to Waterloo. It gave me something to write about for I could tell my experiences to others and instill an excitement into them about how adjusting to a new place could be scary yet fun at the same time. Also, a pen proves to be a friend when there are none at your side.


The Pen is mightier than the Sword




How I started to write?


There is no prouder a moment when you can see your work published and your name beneath it. People may criticise what you have written or disagree with your point of view but to see something you have written visible to the whole world, it is a feeling unexplainable. My first month in a University, one of my friends started an online magazine and was asking for acquaintances to contribute to it so as to get a larger fan base. I started submitting my articles, writing whenever I was idle as it gave me something to do and also helped me get a better grasp of English. My articles were appreciated by the small group of readers which gave me confidence to keep writing. I have since then been an avid contributor to the online magazine and also, on request, have started writing for my friend’s website. Sadly, the online magazine has ceased to exist, however, I shall continue to let the writer in me, out at times.

Stay tuned.



Ideas Evolved


My Works


  1. K for Kanayda
  2. Frozen
  3. The Mother of All Matches
  4. Contentment Leads to Happiness
  5. 10 kinds of students
  6. Forgetting to give back

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