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Chaos. That is the word that comes to our mind when we look at the condition of the world. The proliferation of crime in today’s world astonishes many a people but is it really a reason for us to be astonished? Haven’t we witnessed year after year a dark side of humanity that we never knew existed before? From the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki to the riots in United Kingdom, one of the most developed countries of our time, mankind can testify to such ignorant deeds occurring on almost a monthly or even daily basis. However, it is a bitter irony that the only the “significant” people matter and not the common ones. This fact really unsettled me when I came across a joke that goes like:

US Army Head in Afghanistanreporting to a media channel, while in the presence of his deputy:

Army Head: I am afraid to report that there has been another attack leading to casualties.

Media: What casualties?

Army Head: Several buildings have been damaged, cars were destroyed, 200 Afghans dead along with one US soldier.

Media: Really, only one US soldier? *in awe*

Army Head to his deputy in an undertone: See, no one bothers about the 200 Afghans….


Naturally, the focal point of this news turns out to be the one dead soldier and not the two hundred locals that met their fate. Our daily lives are full of such atrocious acts that go unnoticed as we grow accustomed to the Dr. Hyde side of humanity. Examples of such deeds, acts that matter little to us but affects someone deeply, are scattered over in tight little corners in the papers but never catch the common eye and I will enlighten the viewers briefly about such happenings across the globe.


Starting off, we have the more talked about Egyptian revolution which led to the trial of Hosni Mubarak, the Egyptian President. The mass civil disobedience and strikes started in late January have resulted in the resignation and prosecution of the Egyptian president.


Another Muslim country faces unrest as Syrian president sends tanks into cities as security forces opened fire on demonstrators. The military action taken by President Assad has left 1700 people dead and over 10000 are told to be missing in custody. It seems as if deploying tanks and armed vehicles is a popular choice among presidents…


Meanwhile,Somaliasuffers from a disastrous famine that threatens over 3.7 million people. It is considered the worst drought in nearly a century and high prices have crushed poor people leading to violence. Prices inSomaliahave risen considerably and it is not the only country on the brink of disaster when it comes to food insecurity. Countries like Pakistan, where two thirds of the people spend almost 70% on food, Tanzania, where half the population is in poverty and even most of Russia where the average food basket went up by as much as 30% this year, are also suffering a food crisis.


An isolated tribe inBrazilseems to have vanished from the face of earth. The tribe only discovered three years ago to the world seems to have been lost again. It is said that Peruvians drug dealers overran the land and could have wiped out the entire tribe or worse it could be a case of human trafficking.


These are some little occurrences that seem to be happening at the same time in this world which has nothing to talk about except theUSdebt issues and the British riots.


Author’s note: I handpicked examples which might many of the readers may already know about. This is no attempt to undermine anyone’s awareness but a meagre attempt to spread awareness amongst many of us.