10 kinds of students you might come across

Posted: August 11, 2011 in Education
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Author’s Disclaimer: I know I perhaps have missed out on a variety of different sorts of people but then again, not everyone’s lifestyle can be highlighted. These are examples as I perceive taken from around the globe and reflect characteristics of students both at home and abroad. I just wanted to reflect upon some of the categories of people that stand out, for
“An unreflected life is a life unlived”— Socrates

The Lone Survivor

1. The Lone Survivors

So starting off, I will talk about some people who believe that man can be an island and will keep to themselves at all occasions. They will lock themselves up inside their 10 square feet apartment and never see the day-light again. What they want is easy access to the classes and food. Long and forgotten is the phrase “man is a social animal” for the only social gathering they will participate in has to have one rule. It should not require them moving from their rooms. Yes, sloth is one of the greatest evil tugging at the students these days.

The Adventurer

2. The Lone Adventurers

Following this is a complete contrasting case about people who would never stay in their rooms because solitude seems to be their greatest adversary. They’ll seek out every ridiculous short-cut in the university or seek companionship wherever they can find it or simply catch the next bus to God-knows-where just because the students are exempted from the bus fare.

The Party Boys (and girls =P)

3. The Party Boys

Some people also stumble upon a part of their personality that they had never encountered maybe just because of the cultural values of a closely knit environment. From shy, not-so-confident people they become the town’s Casanovas or just being simple the popular guys. They just seem to have found a new way to live their lives, enjoy it in a way that they always wanted to. Late night movies to rocking the dance floor to being the ladies’ men, these people have it in them to light up the atmosphere no matter what the situation is. Once reluctant to approach a girl now they seem to have the confidence that could get them anywhere they wanted.

The Touchy Nerd

4. The Touchy Bookworms

Yeah, some people DO  live for it – books, and those too, the ones with minuscule complex text. Not that their life has no other objective but they have their priorities straightened and yeah, ‘first work and then play’ (or maybe no play at all) is the way they roll. Finishing up assignments, copying off notes and staying ahead of the class is what they are excellent at. A slight fall in the grade, a mere slip from a 90 to 89 or a course that tangles them up is something intolerable and from a nervous breakdown to a rudimentary fit anything can happen. Beware though; you don’t want to be around when this happens.

5. The Wake-Me-Nots

A wake-me-not

There are those people who are closer to normal too. Hanging out with friends, clubbing, studying, chilling and enjoying the cool university life is something they are amazingly adept at. But, yes there always has to be a but! Duh! So yeah, but this kinda people have one flaw too. Slumber. A cosy couch or a borrowed mattress, sleep comes to them like a bee is drawn to honey. They’ll sometime go without sleep for a couple of days and when they sleep it is like they never existed. 10 hours of sleep or 20, it is the same for them. A tranquil spot and a thing to roll up in is all what they need to enjoy this fine boon of nature. They know their flaw too, sometimes they’ll wake up to find that it is already way past sunset or that they missed all their classes. But, sleep comes first. They’ll walk to a friend’s room to sleep just so that this friend will wake them up in time for something important tomorrow otherwise guess what, come rain or hellfire, their sleep is going to be unperturbed!

6. Slapstick Goofy Guys who are forever looking to take the easy way out

“Bhai, yeh to kar de yaar”, how many times have you heard this line? I am sure you have encountered these people before? Yup, always looking for a shortcut or a solution that requires the least hassle. They innovate to find new ways of finishing up work. Always trying to find a way to get through is what they want. This category can be sub-divided into two sorts, one that always want a shortcut and the other that are going to end up doing the work but are going to create one hell of a racket just for the fun of it . They are going to make contacts everywhere, from upper year students to course TA’s, they know everyone can be of use . “Paper leak karna hai yaar” to “let’s bribe the photocopier” to “TA ko hi na phansa le yaar, dikhne mai buri to nahi”, they’ll think of every possible and impossible way just to amuse people. Fun to be around but sometimes very annoying, there is bound to be one of these people in every group who are in the university just to get through the courses with the least effort required.

The Camera Addict

7. The Snap-Snap People

“She shot without thinking and realizing that she had missed continued to shoot until she finally found her target.” No, not shoot shoot guys. I mean snap snap! Everywhere there is one of those people who are obsessed with photos. Be it a formal event or a casual dinner, there isn’t a place where they would not take the camera along. Their sole purpose of life is to capture what they see each day and they do it without any reluctance. A mere 5000 pictures on facebook and still they think it isn’t enough. Catching their friends unawares or just taking a picture of a field of snow, they’ll take what they get and keep taking it for they won’t stop until the battery dies.

The Ever-Hungry

8. The Ever-Hungry

Sleep, studies, sloth and what not. I forgot one of the most important things in a student’s life! FOOD! There has to be one person who would not care anything about this new place; not the horrible weather, not the rigorous coursework, not the mundane atmosphere as long as he gets what he wants and that is good food. (Pakistanis after all, we know how to appreciate food) They’ll scout out places to eat. A long walk to a friends’ place might prove to be too arduous but the same walk for a tasty biryani seems to be no problem. If the food is good then ALL IZ WELL for them.

9. The Lost Ducks

Some people carry with them a roll of string like they are walking into Daedalus’ Labyrinth! They’ll hesitate to wander out on their own because no matter how many times they have taken the same route they will get lost for they are lousy at directions. They are so bad at directions that they could even get lost on their own floor, oh well, now I am exaggerating . But yes, it so happens that if they end up just on the opposite side of the road, they’ll get scared just because everything looks different from this side of the road. Afraid to venture out, such people will stick to the path always trampled for they could get lost like a needle in a haystack.

Money’s best friend

10. The Money-Lovers

There are some people who are Sheikhs, count every single penny they spend and will ask for a cent back when the thing they bought was $0.99. And then they are those who spend as they see, if they like it they have it. No matter what the price is, their living lifestyle is not to be affected. They’ll venture out just with a credit card and won’t stop until their credit card finally declines, that is when they’ll check their bank statement to find it is not even in 3 figures anymore. Oh well, time to bug your daddy to send you some money to make it through the term or better yet, you could get a waiter’s job at the nearest desi restaurant! To them, everything tastes like honey when they got money!


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